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Activating your Holy Grail

Activating your Holy Grail

Within your very being, you possess a treasure of great value – the Holy Grail. Your grail lies within you, inside your open heart. If your heart is closed down and caged and unavailable then it will be very hard to locate your Holy Grail. Your Grail will be a buried treasure locked away and hard to access.

In order to find and activate your Grail:

1) You need to want to go on the grail quest to find it

2) You must be willing to open your heart

3) You must be willing to live your truth (not a false self full of shoulds or oughts)

One of the best ways to begin activating your Grail is to locate where it resides in your body. In the language of the Tree of Life, your Grail is called the Chalice of your Soul. Your chalice / Grail is your sacred inner container that holds/houses/supports your true self.

To locate this soul chalice on your body, imagine the base of the chalice resting in your heart. Then imagine the left and right shoulders forming the two sides of the cup, with a pathway connecting them crossing through your throat. This means the chalice of your soul embodies both the heart and throat energy centers.

On the Tree of Life diagram below, you can see the chalice shape quite easily by looking at triad of Truth, Strength and Compassion. The base of your chalice (located in your heart) rests in the place of TRUTH. Right now, feel your own chalice / grail inside your chest with the base resting at your heart. You can activate your grail now by simply connecting with your own heart and your own truth.


Now feel the left side of your chalice, located at your left shoulder. The left side of you inner grail is connected to strength, justice and discipline. The left side of your chalice is very strong and powerful, stable and sturdy. Activate the left side of your chalice by connecting to your own inner strength.

Now feel the right side of your chalice, located at your right shoulder. The right side of your chalice is connected to compassion, mercy and loving-kindness. The right side of your chalice is full of deep love and compassion – for yourself first – and then to the whole world. Activate the right side of your Grail by connecting to your own compassion.

Practice visualizing your soul chalice within your chest and energize each point, awakening and activating your chalice. You will begin to see amazing results as you connect with your own soul’s nature.

This is the first step to activate your Holy Grail.

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