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Sacred Chants

Gambia West Africa

Gambia West Africa

On a magical night in Gambia, West Africa, these multi-cultural chants were recorded live in a village called “Woolaba”.

Three voices, a drum and some African crickets bless this music and bring the sacred chants to life!

Join Megan Wagner, Jim Larkin and Erin MacDonnell on a journey through the voice and vibration of sacred chants from around the world.


  1. Ancient Mother (Goddess Tradition)
  2. By Night I go On My Way (Native American)
  3. We stick Together (Shamanic Celtic)
  4. Now I Walk In Beauty (Native American)
  5. Ah-Le-Le-O Part 1 (African)
  6. Ah-Le-Le-O Part 2 (African)
  7. Ayin (Mystical Kabbalah)
  8. Noyana (African Christian)
  9. Uma Parvati (Hindu Goddesses / India)
  10. The River is Flowing (Shamanic Celtic)
  11. We all Come from the Goddess (Goddess Tradition)
Drumming in Gambia

Drumming in Gambia

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