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Astrology Day – March 9, 2015

In Redwood City, CA. Cost: $100. We will learn about the planets, signs, houses and do some personal chart readings. Astrology is an amazing tool which pints to your gifts, challenges, destiny possibilities and relationship issues.

33 Robes and Light Grid Activation – March 10 & 11, 2015

In Redwood City, CA. Cost: $200. We will play with Megan’s 33 Sacred Robes and activate every power point and pathway on the Tree of Life grid. Click here for more details on the Light Grid.

Inner Alchemy – May 16 & 17, 2015

In Redwood City, CA. Cost: $200. We will learn about the tradition of Alchemy, look at evocative Alchemical images and do guided journeys and exercises to awaken your Inner Alchemist! Alchemy outlines very clearly the different stages of awareness that emerge as a person is dissolving their ego desires and habitual conditioning and is reborn to their spiritual nature through the transmutation process.


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One-day Workshops $100

Two-day Workshops $200

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